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The company

It was in 1982 that José Luís Sardinha Aguiar created Madeiras Sardinha, as a company providing services in the area of carpentry and wood sawing.

With the evolution of the markets and the constant renovation and transformation of the company, our main activity today is the extraction and sawing of Cryptomeria wood, a raw material native to the Azores.

Located in what is the largest forested area on São Miguel, in Água Retorta, we are surrounded by the best lots of Cryptomeria wood on the island. Having the constant concern for the flora of the Azores and the desire to follow market trends, together in a close collaboration that we maintain with government, supervisory and regulatory entities in the area, we extract and transform Cryptomeria wood in a sustainable way and always with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

On the other hand, with the aim of guaranteeing the best response to our customers and clients, we have advanced and up-to-date technology in the area, which allows us to have high levels of efficiency, both in product production and quality, thus satisfying their needs in a timely manner.